Basement Flooring: What is best, hardwood, tile, or carpet?

So, you are installing or replacing the floor in your basement, what should you select?
First, you need to think about the possibility of water damage, even if flooding is unlikely, because any water leak may end up soaking the floors in the basement. We assume that concrete is the existing or sub-floor.

  • A tile will not get damaged; so that is a good choice.
  • Carpet will probably dry out if any cleaning and drying care is taken right away.
  • Hardwood floors are likely to be damaged by any standing water, no matter what the source.
Ceramic Tile Floor

Ceramic Tile Floor

Next, how will you use your basement and does your flooring choice need to help keep the house quiet?

  • Clearly, the carpet will be quietest.
Carpet Pattern and Testure

Carpet Pattern and Testure

Finally, how comfortable? If your kids and dogs are laying around or roughhousing, choosing carpet may have other advantages.

  • Again, the carpet will be most comfortable for play.

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Kitchen cabinet, tile, backsplash, and counter top

Kitchen cabinet, tile, backsplash, and counter top